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Utilizing the same circulation-increasing Far Infrared Compression fabric as the XLR8 G-Force BootXLR8 Cryo Boots are the easiest way to ice the lower limb. Simply zip, fill and recover. Use after work to cool the leg and increase circulation, ensuring the entire leg cools quickly. Indispensable for use after tendon/ligament injury when wrapping and ice is needed, or when ice is prescribed several times daily. Can be used as compression boot without ice as well. 

Benefits of XLR8 Cryo Boots

If you notice swelling or inflammation in the horse’s legs, then your horse can benefit significantly from cold treatment, or cryotherapy from the XLR8 ice boot. All competitive equines experience stress to the critical structures of the legs, but with regular maintenance, we can mitigate injuries and help reduce downtime. 

XLR8 Cryo Boots are not like a traditional ice boot. This ice boot is designed to reduce inflammation while maintaining blood flow and adequate lymphatic return. This is useful to deal with arthritic joints, windpuffs, stocking up, and pain after exercise, especially when stalled or hauling.


Cold Therapy After Exercise

The internal structures of a horse's leg can reach surprising temperatures during strenuous exercise. This is the reason it is recommended to remove splint boots or polo wraps from your horse’s legs immediately after work, but we can use equine ice boots to help after work. Cold therapy for these tissues helps them retain their elasticity and helps prevent injury in the horse leg. For this reason, cold therapy is a crucial part of your horse’s leg care and routine maintenance.

After work, simply zip the ice boots on and secure around the horse’s leg with the top band. Fill the pockets with ice, and leave your horse standing tied. This can be easily done within your daily schedule. When riding multiple horses, simply ice the first's legs while riding the next horse, then rotate. Since the compression fabric is breathable, it will not trap heat after the ice has melted.

The ice never contacts the horse’s leg directly – the internal compression layer serves as a barrier to prevent ice burn during ice treatments. As the ice melts, the cold water encases the entire leg from the knee or hock to the foot, cooling it evenly and effectively. The compression speeds blood through the legs and prevents the buildup of fluid.

Our XLR8 Cryo boot is an ice boot that is made to be quick and easy to use, without the need for ice packs or gel pouches.


Without Ice

XLR8 Cryo Boots are breathable ice boots, so there’s no worry about trapping heat on the horse’s leg. This means you can use these ice boots in place of standing leg wraps in horses that tend to stock up in confinement, no ice required. These ice boots also utilize far infrared and compression, helping push lymphatic drainage back up the leg and speed the flow of blood through the legs.

This means your horses arrive fresher, ready for work, with less time required to overcome the stiffness and pain from the trailer. The same ice boots can then be used after work, with ice added for cold therapy. This can reduce inflammation and help the structures of the horse’s legs retain their elasticity.


Cryotherapy to treat Acute Injuries

Cold therapy is used to treat many acute injuries to a horse's legs. In cases where a tendon or ligament has been injured, it is used to reduce pain and swelling. In the event of suspensory rehabilitation, these ice boots can help save caretakers’ time, eliminating the need for leg wraps, ice wraps, gel packs, and rewrapping after cold therapy.

With the internal compression layer, Copper, Germanium, and bioceramics, the two pocket ice boot accomplishes all these tasks at once. Instead of unwrapping, applying ice to the horse’s leg, removing the ice pack, rewrapping, and freezing the ice packs, simply zip the Cryo Boot on, ice the leg as prescribed, and allow the compression of the ice boot to serve as a wrap to prevent stocking up due to confinement.



The medical community has effectively used the RICE method to immediately deal with acute injuries in human athletes for decades. Often, the initial horse injuries are not as detrimental as the secondary injuries caused by inflammation and swelling. RICE is an acronym for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, and ELEVATION. The combination of compression and ice is very effective in preventing secondary injuries. Cryo Boots are an excellent tool to have on hand in the event of a misstep, kick, or other type of acute damage to the lower limb. Instead of ice packs, we use ice boots for horses, allowing us to provide cold therapy to the horse’s legs effectively.

Damage to ligaments is frequently caused by jumping speeds or uneven ground conditions, and fatigue. Cold Treatment can be applied using ice boots for horses and should typically be done immediately to the horses' injury.


Cryotherapy vs. Hydrotherapy

XLR8 Cryo Boots are the easiest way to ice your horse’s legs, period. These multi pocket ice boots equally cover every part of the horse’s leg from the hock to the top of the foot, and help prevent direct exposure of cold water/ice to the horse’s delicate skin. For many horse owners, hydrotherapy, or cold hosing, has been the preferred cold therapy method of cooling legs and providing some massage after work. Both are effective methods, with their own benefits and drawbacks.

If you prefer hydrotherapy over cryotherapy, try the G-Force boots instead of Cryo Boots. The G-Force boot is comprised of the same Far-Infrared fabric as the ice boots, embedded with Germanium, Copper, and other bioceramics, without the outer pockets to hold ice packs. These boots can be applied directly after work, and hydrotherapy can be applied over the breathable boot. Once finished, return the horse to the stall and leave the cold G-Force boots on to continue increasing circulation and cooling the lower limb.


Invest in XLR8 Cryo, the best ice boots for horses

Our Cryo boots are created to mimic the therapeutic properties of an ice bath or cold spa. XLR8 Cryo boots are the best ice boots for a reason. They combine compression with the cold therapy, providing a more complete solution for your maintenance routine than traditional ice boots. When used without ice, the far-infrared fabric promotes circulation and recovery. This makes them truly versatile ice boots for horses with various needs.

XLR8’s two-pocket design helps keep ice up around the knee or hock longer, providing more effective cold therapy for these critical areas of the horse’s leg. This ability to stay cold where you need them to makes them the best ice boots available.


Science of Cryotherapy

Ice therapies are accepted for horses suffering limb injuries. Ice boot usage is now part of the use of this method. The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science published a research paper In 2003 to support the benefit of cold treatment on horses. This is an incredible study showing just how great results an injured horse can have on the healing process from an injury using ice treatment.


Horse Suspensory Ligament Injury

The fetlock is supported by the suspensory ligament and is safeguarded from hyperextension during activity. The ligament begins in the back of the upper cannon bone in both fore and hindlimbs, where it connects. From the point where it begins, it leads slightly downwards to a region near the cannon bone; then, it divides into two branches that attach to individual sesamoid bones at the back of the fetlock.


 Cold therapy reduces swelling and allows for easier examination in the event of injury. To reduce the risk of damage over time, many veterinarians will recommend a rigid maintenance routine involving cold therapy and compression. XLR8 Cryo ice boots for horses are a perfect way to add this to your daily routine or for rehabilitation after injury.


Acute Synovitis (Joint inflammation)

Symptoms are effusion, heat, pain, and lameness. Inflammation of the synovial joint caused by trauma can cause serious injury. Recommended treatment includes cold therapy, leg wraps, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain relief.


Deep Digital Flexor Tendon

These injuries are common on an eventer horse which frequently stretches over and tearing the fiber that makes up the tendon. In addition, chronic trauma can cause lameness. Cold therapy will help relieve the painful effect due to acute deep digital flexor injuries.


Gel Pack boots vs. Cryo Boots

Our ice boots for horses are superior because you are not required to have a freezer, ice packs, cold packs, or gel packs. Often, freezer space is limited in the trailer, and keeping ice wraps cold for multiple horses is problematic. Leave the frozen gel packs at home; all you need is ice! Since the cooling is created by the 33 degree water encompassing the leg as it melts, the Cryo Boot simply cools more completely than gel packs. The breathable fabric will not trap heat on the leg like bulky ice packs, which tend to shift, sag, and bunch as they warm up.

For extended periods of cold therapy, simply keep adding ice to the pockets as long as needed. We make no recommendations on cold therapy/cryotherapy treatment duration. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN REGARDING ANY TREATMENT FOR YOUR HORSE, especially ice therapy.


Compression Provides More Complete Therapy

The equine is an ambulatory animal, made to travel dozens of miles per day in the wild. They are continuously moving as they graze, an action which is necessary to adequate circulation in the lower limbs. This is why the horse’s legs “stock up” during long periods of confinement, such as the trailer or the stall.

This is especially noticeable after the stresses and damage from exercise, which is why we see these issues more commonly in performance horses. The stall does not give them adequate room to move. This is why we use compression and bioceramics to help promote blood flow while the horse is confined.


XLR8 vs. Similar Products

We have taken time to create ice boots for horses that are not only durable but also functional. Our two pocket ice boot is superior to the single pocket ice boots, keeping ice where you need it longer for more effective ice treatment. No other ice boots for horses combine bioceramics, copper, compression, AND cryotherapy in such an easy to use boot. Our zippers are guaranteed for a full year, or we replace it. It’s that simple.


Caring for Cryo Boots

XLR8 Cryo Boots are ice boots that are very breathable and will dry quickly. We recommend ensuring the horse’s leg is clean and free of shavings and mud before using to avoid irritation under the compression layer. We do not recommend poultice under the ice boot, as some chemicals may damage the elastane in the boot. Also, many poultices or muds tend to dry or harden and will create abrasion between the ice boots and the horse’s leg. Care should be taken with liniments as well, ensuring they do not create heat under the compression, and do not affect the fabric of the ice boots.

We have found many equestrians report that they no longer need liniments or poultices when following a routine of post-work ice treatments, bioceramics, and compression – saving money over time. After use, the ice boots can be sprayed off and hung to dry thoroughly before putting them away. Occasionally, the ice boots can be machine washed without bleach, but always line dried.


XLR8 Cryo Boots are the easiest way to ice your horse’s legs, period. They combine COPPER, GERMANIUM, ZINC, and other BIOCERAMICS with gradient compression to promote blood flow and lymphatic return. The CRYOTHERAPY helps mitigate inflammation and provides analgesic, or pain relief properties without drugs or NSAIDS. You take the time for maintenance, why not provide the most comprehensive maintenance available? Make the most of your time with your horses. XLR8 performance and recovery with XLR8 Cryo Boots.