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Icing as easy as...

Ice and Easy

The synergy of far-infrared energy and gradient compression.

The easiest way to ice legs.

Eliminate bandage bow.

XLR8 your horse's performance.


"They are really ingenious...I'm very impressed with the quality."

- 3* FEI Eventer Kim Wendel


"We got a chance to try the new XLR8 Cryo Boots and to say that we LOVE THEM would be an understatement. They are so easy to use, and is there really a better combination than compression and ice?"

-Makaela Memmott


"We are sporting our new favorite Cryo Boot!"

- Savannah Palmore and Lyca Rock

Two Great Things in One

"These are awesome...compression socks that you can add ice to. Two great things in one!"

Summer Shafer


"Everyone loves the way these work..."

- Lindsay Hafer