#GEARUP with XLR8!

We believe every horse deserves an opportunity to live comfortably. Our collection of therapeutic boots, horse sheets, and fly masks provides high quality support at affordable prices, so we can help all equestrians give their horses the best lives possible.

G-Force Boots for Performance, Cryo Boots for Recovery

How to XLR8 Performance

XLR8 G-Force boots increase circulation & lymphatic return.

How to XLR8 Recovery

XLR8 Cryo Boots provide efficient ice and compression.

Under 14hh to 17hh+

How to choose the right size boots for your horse

XLR8 Equine boots come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes with a large range of adjustability in between. View our sizing & instructions page to determine the correct size range for your horse.

An equine sheet unlike any other

What makes the XLR8 Velocity Sheet so special?

XLR8 combines magnetic therapy with the scientifically proven results of bioceramics to improve blood flow without increasing body temperature. We take a holistic approach to improving your horse’s health and performance, backing every decision with extensive research and scientific support to ensure our products provide the best results.

Get Sponsored!

XLR8 provides sponsorship opportunities for competitive riders. Fill out our sponsorship application so we can get to know you!