Fly Mask

Far Infrared Ceramic technology combines with magnetic therapy at critical acupressure points, across the poll, and TMJ. Darts keep mesh well away from horse's sensitive eyes. Provides protection from harmful UV rays and insects. Sizes: Horse, Cob. Gray/Black
Sizing & Instructions

All XLR8 Boots are sold in small, medium, and large sizes. Measure your horse from ground to withers, and follow the guidelines below. If the horse is right between sizes, determine if he is fine or heavy boned. This will help you know which size should fit him best. In the event you choose an incorrect size, it's no problem. Send them back in new condition and we will send you the right size. It's that easy. 

SMALL                                                   -14hh - 15hh

MEDIUM                                                 15hh - 16hh

LARGE                                                   16hh - 17hh+