All XLR8 Equine Boots are sold in small, medium, and large sizes. Measure your horse from ground to withers, and follow the guidelines below. If the horse is right between sizes, determine if he is fine or heavy boned. This will help you know which size should fit him best. In the event you choose an incorrect size, it's no problem. Send them back in new condition and we will send you the right size. It's that easy. 

Size guide

SMALL                                                   -14hh - 15hh

MEDIUM                                                  15hh - 16hh

LARGE                                                     16hh - 17hh+


How to put equine boots on your horse:

  1. Begin high above the knee or hock with zipper facing front.
  2. Insert zipper and zip it down a few inches.
  3. Fasten the top elastic band. This helps keep the boot in place as you finish closing the zipper.
  4. Zip the boot down completely, ensuring the protective backing is smooth behind the zipper.
  5. Place zipper pull up and secure with hook-and-loop closure at the bottom.
  6. Readjust tension on top band as necessary.

How to ice your horse with Cryo Boots:

  1. Follow the same steps as above to put boots on, leaving ice pocket empty to start.
  2. Pull ice pocket away from leg and fill with ice.
  3. Shaking the outer layer will move ice down the boot.
  4. Repeat until full.
  5. Leave horse standing tied.
  6. It is helpful to use smaller pellets or crushed ice and a large plastic cup to scoop ice into the boot.



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