NEW from XLR8 Equine!

Big changes are here at XLR8 Equine! You may already have seen the new two-pocket design for the Cryo Boots. This helps keep ice where you want it, and allows you to cool high suspensory, knee, or hock without having to fill up the entire boot. It’s easier to fill and saves ice!

We have also made changes to the LTC Boot. Previously, we were using Liquid Titanium infused fabric, well-known to help utilize the body’s far infrared energy. This fabric is very strong, light, breathable, and has very good compressive properties. How could it get any better? I’m glad you asked.

While liquid titanium does a good job as a far infrared reflector, we never stop researching, trying to improve our products. In our search, we found Germanium, an element that has been used in camera lens coatings because of its incredible ability to filter and reflect the far infrared spectrum! We found a process where this element could be woven into our existing fabric, creating a very unique product. There is nothing else like it in the equine world. But we didn’t stop there.

We added COPPER, Zinc, and other ceramics to the fabric, providing restorative properties from each one. Combining this with the trusted power of compression, we found a way to boost performance, speed recovery, and XLR8 your horse’s game to the next level. We are calling them G-Force. Pretty good name for a Germanium/Copper Compression Boot, don’t you think?

Newly redesigned G-Force Boots from XLR8 Equine will become your favorite tool for controlling inflammation and edema during confinement, trailering, or while recovering from injury. They allow even, gradient compression without the risk of bandage bow associated with wrapping.

You’ve got to see what all the fuss is about; try the Cryo Boots and G-Force Boots today!G-Force compression sock far infrared ceramic copper boot for horses.