Contending with maintenance after work or injury can seem like a full-time job. XLR8 Equine Cryo Boots help you spend less time wrapping, soaking, hosing, and mudding and more time enjoying your time with your horses.

To get started, grab your XLR8 Cryo Boots and a cooler of ice. Zip the boots up, fasten the hook and loop at the top and bottom, fill the pocket with ice, and walk away. Leave the horse standing tied while drawing heat out of the leg and restoring the critical tendons and ligaments within.

The combination of ice and compression cools the entire leg quickly and effectively. No babysitting. No freezing ice packs. No kicking buckets of ice. XLR8 your horse's recovery with XLR8 Equine Cryo Boots! For sizing info, view our size chart.


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