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XLR8 Velocity Therapeutic Horse Sheet

The breathable far-infrared mesh of our therapeutic blankets helps promote blood circulation without heat buildup, so it’s an excellent choice for use anywhere, anytime. In addition, therapeutic grade magnets are strategically placed in critical locations where equine athletes require them most. Velocity Sheets aid in muscle recovery and helps maintain your horse's health and performance at a fair price.

How does it compare to your therapeutic blankets?

So what does your horse therapeutic sheets cover? What studies back their claims? Is it based in real science? Let's compare Velocity Sheets to the competition, and see how they measure up.

XLR8 Velocity Sheets Promote Circulation

Oxygen is, without any doubt, the most essential mammalian biological element. Our bodies must be able to replace our oxygen supply continuously, and even more so for your horse. This cycle is accomplished through respiration and circulation. Respiration is the process through which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the lungs. Oxygenated blood is pumped by the heart, via veins, and finally into capillaries, where oxygen is exchanged for CO2.

This oxygen is required for the conversion of glucose to ATP, which powers almost all metabolic processes. The veins and capillaries are the transport systems that ensure a constant supply. The larger the mammal and the more muscle mass it has, the less efficient this mechanism becomes. The horse is a very large animal with an incredible amount of muscle mass.

Light's effect on the cells

Natural light offers infrared energy, which may be produced via specific procedures without the involvement of light. The infrared section lies between microwaves, which are low frequency, and visible red light, a higher frequency in the entire spectrum of light. The cell will respond differently to each frequency of light.

Far infrared Technology for your horse

The spectrum between 7 and 14 nanometers, known as the far-infrared spectrum, is a fascinating part of visible light in how it affects the body. It encourages subcutaneous oxygen saturation, possibly by dilating blood vessels.

Far-infrared energy such as that produced by our therapeutic sheet penetrates tissues and “excites” water in the cells of your horses, speeding recovery by aiding cellular metabolic activities. This can increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues while also assisting the removal of waste gasses.

Scientifically Proven Technology

In this study, scientists investigated ceramic-infused textiles like the ones used in XLR8 Velocity for their impact on wound healing by their ability to increase circulation in diabetic humans. They came to a conclusion, which was apparent:

“FIR-emitting garments can exert real measurable physiological effects, and deserve further study for medical indications. Especially the potential for ceramic-embedded fabrics to improve skin and wound perfusion has particular relevance to diabetes and warrants further study.” (1)

Another noted advantage has been the reduction of inflammation in tissues and joints:

 “Ceramic materials with biological effects (bioceramic) have been found to modulate various biological effects, especially those effects involved in antioxidant activity and hydrogen peroxide scavenging. As arthropathy and osteopathy are the major chronic diseases of geriatric medicine, we explored the possible activity of bioceramic on these conditions using animal and cell models. Rabbits received intra-articular injections of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to induce inflammation that mimic rheumatic arthritis. FDG isotopes were then IV injected for PET scan examinations at 16 hours and 7 days after the LPS injection. We examined and compared the bioceramic and control groups to see if bioceramic was capable of relieving inflammation in the joints by subtracting the final and initial uptake amount of FDG (max SUV). We studied the effects in prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) inhibition on the human chondrosarcoma (SW1353) cell line, and the effects on the murine osteoblast (MC3T3-E1) cell line under oxidative stress. All the subtractions between final and initial uptakes of FDG in the left knee joints of the rabbits after LPS injection indicated larger decreases in the bioceramic group than in the control group. This anti-arthritic or inflammatory effect was also demonstrated by the PGE2 inhibition of the SW1353 cells. We further proved that bioceramic treatment of the MC3T3-E1 cells resulted in increased viability of osteoblast cells challenged with hydrogen peroxide toxicity, and increased alkaline phosphatase activity and the total protein production of MC3T3-E1 cells under oxidative stress. Since LPS-induced arthritis is an experimental model that mimics RA, the potential therapeutic effects of bioceramic on arthropathy merit discussion. Bioceramic may contribute to relieving inflammatory arthritis and maintaining bone health.” (2)

These studies can correlate well to therapeutic sheets reducing inflammation in joints and muscles of horses, helping reduce pain and injury.

XLR8 Velocity Equine sheet is a must-have for your horse’s recovery

It adds this vital element to your horse’s healing. The authors of these papers note that bioceramic therapy increases blood circulation and tissue oxygenation separate from thermal increases, proving they can be obtained without increasing the body temperature of your equine. There is no increase in the body temperature of your horses with our mesh sheet, and it still gives all of the advantages associated with bioceramic therapy.

Furthermore, inflammation reduction throughout the entire body is critical for every athlete’s overall health and athletic performance. It affects everything from sickness to edema to arthritis pain!

Based On Science

The magnets in the Velocity Sheet were not to be neglected in our design, either, despite the bioceramic mesh being the base on which it is constructed.

We must first comprehend some essential chemistry and biology to comprehend the magnet and its biological functions. We know that water is composed of two hydrogen atoms joined to a single oxygen atom chemically, so it’s a molecule built out of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Electrons, being electronegative, continuously seek to connect with a proton to negate their electromagnetic forces. This is known as covalent bonding. In the water molecule, because the hydrogen atoms are generally closer together, they form a polar covalent bond, resulting in a molecule having a “polarity.” When these molecules line up alternately, we may observe what’s known as hydrogen bonding.

This can be seen in a tiny insect walking on the surface of the water. Its density is greater than that of the water, yet its overall weight is insufficient to break its electrostatic bonds or surface tension. As a result, water molecules are redistributed when the surface tension is broken, and the insect then falls through.

Promote Horse Health

We know that all animals on a cellular level are pretty similar in biology. Our bodies are made up of various tissue types (epithelial tissue, nerves, bones, different muscles, organs, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc.) that perform specific functions.

We know that the operation of muscles, particularly skeletal muscles, is aided by the induction of blood, which involves oxygen carried on red blood cells. The nutrients are carried via capillaries in the plasma, which cell membranes must facilitate. As muscles function, they create deficits in oxygen and some nutrients while creating surpluses of waste such as CO2 and lactic acid. This, along with other nutritional factors, causes significant physiological changes in the muscle tissue and cells of your horse.

The sodium-potassium pump

The sodium/potassium pump keeps the cell’s action potential in check. This is found in all cells of the body, including neurons. This pump moves positive sodium and potassium across the cell membrane against a diffusion gradient. ATP is required to provide energy for this process, provided by the phosphate from the molecule.

When three sodium ions are carried extracellularly, two potassium ions bind. The phosphate is released and taken intracellularly, where the potassium concentration is greater than that of the surrounding plasma. The cell’s sodium/potassium mechanism aids in the return of its action potential. It makes sense that the proper polarity to the cell could influence this mechanism, which is crucial for muscle and tissue repair of your horses. If this is true, the application of a magnetic field may be beneficial before and after work to recharge these underperforming cells.

Magnetic effect on the molecules in your horses

The ability of north-facing polarity to alter polar molecules like water and ions like sodium and potassium in the body and their uptake into the muscular tissue might help them move between cells and the surrounding plasma and allow them to move between cells and the surrounding plasma to enter. In addition, an increase in tissue PH has been observed to slow unwanted growth while also promoting general rest and pain relief.

Axially Magnetized

Unipolar magnets are a contradiction in terms. The magnet’s center is usually located near the nexus center, with the north extending 180 degrees from the south. “Slicing” off a magnet from the north side of anything, whether it’s a bar, cube, or cylinder, does not imply that it only has a north side. The opposite pole will still be south polarity. It’s more accurate to say that the magnet is axially magnetized. A slice is taken from a cylinder with north and south ends at opposite (flat) end faces in axially magnetized disc magnets.

As a result, the magnetic field runs along an axis. Alternately, a diametrically magnetized disc could be obtained by cutting a cylinder with the north pole on one curved side, and on the other, you have the south pole, resulting in North and South on each “heads or tails” side of the disc. The magnetic field encircles the button’s radius.

Directed towards horses' recovery

XLR8 Equine takes advantage of superior, axially polar magnets that are more powerful than the competition to elicit these actions. We achieve this by ensuring that the magnet’s North pole is facing the horse, which helps to promote rest and cellular recovery.

In fact, on one side of each of our magnets, you’ll find a beveled edge, ensuring that they’re quick and straightforward to tell apart. In addition, we don’t utilize copper with our magnets because it has the potential to block electromagnetic fields, such as those produced by copper-shielded cables, faraday cages, and so on.

Horse Injury Prevention

In order to prevent injury to the horse, it is sensible to make sure he is well rested after exercise, training, or events. Applying a Velocity blanket with ceramic infused fabrics can aid in helping a horse rest after work can help promote recovery, reduce swelling and pain in the muscles, which can help prevent injuries in the horse. Other sheets utilizing only one therapeutic modality can't measure up to the Velocity sheets.

The most cost-efficient horse performance and recovery solution

There are much more expensive performance and recovery therapeutic products for your horse, but none are better for the price. The combination of magnetic therapy and scientifically demonstrated bioceramics has produced a more comprehensive holistic picture of health and performance for your horses at a better price. As a result, equestrians are already coming back to buy their third, fourth, and fifth Velocity Sheets and selling or giving away their previous horse therapeutic blankets.



(1) Washington K, Wason J, Thein MS, et al. Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2. Journal of Textile Science & Engineering. 2018 ;8(2). DOI: 10.4172/2165-8064.1000349.

(2) Leung TK, Chen CH, Lai CH, Lee CM, Chen CC, Yang JC, Chen KC, Chao JS. Bone and joint protection ability of ceramic material with biological effects. Chin J Physiol. 2012 Feb 29;55(1):47-54. doi: 10.4077/CJP.2012.AMM113. PMID: 22242954.